Church Leadership Coaching

You preach, you teach, you baptize at the beach!  


You LOVE God and you have a  GIFT.  You have the GIFT of Leadership.


WOW - That’ s amazing & congratulations; seriously! 


You walk with God, first alone, and then with others.  


You are a visionary - for yourself, your family,  the church, your town, county state and missions.


You plant many, many seeds and you pray that they grow.


You believe in people.


You pour your heart out to them over and over and over again.


You know that your mission is the mightiest of missions that exist in the world - to know God and make him known.


It is the most exciting life there is to be lived.


But, there are days, sometime weeks and I dare say even longer lengths of time when it is flat hard.


Times of doubt, fear, discouragement, worry, sadness, and uncertainty.


Times where you feel the attacks of Satan on you and your ministry.


Confidentiality is tricky… Who can you talk to?  What will be totally open do?  What could the repercussions be?


Who can you be totally open with that can really help you get to the core issues and move forward where you won’t have to worry about anyone else knowing?


And who is really challenging you, calling you higher weekly, that knows all that is going on?


Coaching is having camaraderie, someone objective in your life who calls you out and helps pick you up and move you forward. Someone to celebrate, strategize and win with! It’s about getting better, winning the day, and trusting the process. 

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I help people get rid of the junk that stands between them and their best selves. I take a holistic approach to coaching and believe that progress through innovation will lead to the massive breakthroughs my clients are looking for.
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Source: This tool is based on proprietary concepts from High Performance Institute's Certified High Performance Coaching Program™. Do not duplicate or distribute without permission.