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High-Performance Coaching Program

Are you the kind of person who has high ambitions & exciting goals? Maybe you have a mission that you are longing to fulfill and a purpose that drives you and helps you navigate through the hard times.

If so, I am guessing that you truly want to do GREAT things. You want to have a high quality of life where you have all the energy you need to connect with others and make the contribution you are here to make.  You want to feel full of joy and vitality.

If that is you, I am guessing that you also have days where, quite frankly, you DON’T feel like that. Days and times where maybe you feel stuck, lost or confused.  Times where it is hard to get yourself motivated and rise above disappointments and frustrations. 

You are thinking to yourself, ‘How do I get past / through this?’ Sometimes, you work yourself through it and move on. Other times, you don’t; it feels like you have taken yourself as far as you are going to go on your own. And where you have gotten yourself is really great and it's taken many years, but now, there is a plateau when it comes to your growth and you KNOW that there is another level you want to attain. 

You may just need assistance getting through it, climbing over it and coming through to the other side victoriously.


Many times (more than most would like to admit) we have settled for mediocrity, comfort and the familiar. But NONE of us were meant to live that way!

If you feel like this could you, it is a good time to consider having a one on one coach. 


Maybe buying or reading another book just hasn't done it for you. A coach is someone who can get you, and then coach you. The coaching will lift you. The coach is there with you, guiding you, asking you empowering questions. This brings enlightenment and helps you engage differently to get over the hurdles and barriers that have been holding you back and knocking you down. Coaching is not therapy, consulting, advice or even discipling… It is a process that where clarity, congruence and camaraderie all work together to optimum life that bring true peace, satisfaction and results.

The Joyful Life Coaching Program

The Joyful Life Coaching Program is designed with one simple goal:

To catapult its members to new, never before achieved, increased and consistent levels of joy. Over the course of 3 months, I want to train you to have a more intentional, fulfilling and joyful life.

The Joyful Life R
The Joyful Life focuses on 3 core areas of growth
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Elevate your consciousness, learn about and apply the concepts in Energy Leadership, and increase your awareness.  This will result in clarity so that you will be able to have more choices available to you in any given situation.

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You will be able to step in and engage in your relationships, at work as well as fitness and health. We’ll help you to ‘shift’ to the energy level that serves you the best. Through the power of choice, you will experience great victories, peace and become a better leader.

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Once engaged, you will now feel empowered and be ready to empower others. You will learn to defeat procrastination in your life, set and hit clear, simple and written out goals. The result will be greater confidence, hope and living in the ‘NOW’.

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