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ICOC Church Workshops

Elders, Evangelists, Deacons, Worship Team Leaders, and Small Group Leaders are ALL mighty servants; and many of them have been for decades.


They LOVE God, they LOVE the Kingdom and they serve the congregation tirelessly in the hope that they will honor God, strengthen His disciples, and seek and save the lost.


They live to fulfill God’s plan and have a desire to see the church THRIVE - as do I.


However, living out these roles wholeheartedly can be tough.  



Because leaders CARE about people.  And the people under their leadership can struggle (and so can the leader of course), go through really tough times. Sometimes they even leave God entirely.  


So, the leader not only has his or her life to deal with (as well as family and extended family), but they also carry the load of leading others.  


The temptation to grow weary, feel stuck, and fight to see one’s value from God apart from results becomes increasingly difficult.


Leadership will never be an ‘easy’ role to fill and fulfill, and I get that.


What if there was a way to bring the BEST and most cutting edge, biblical, scientific, tried, true and tested leadership training to the Kingdom?


Over the last 5 years, I have been on a mission to discover leadership principles and practices that the highest performers implement.


My quest has led me to become professionally certified by the International Coaching Federation, and the High Performance Coaching Institute. I have served on Rich Litvin’s Core Leadership Team, and John Maxwell Team as an Executive Director, and have certifications to coach people through iPEC / Energy Leadership,  EQi - 2.0 Emotional Intelligence, and DISC Personality Assessments.


Outside of the certifications, I have been a disciple for over thirty years and served full-time as an Evangelist; seven years full time and 6 years part-time (while working full time and coaching my sons football team).


I have hundreds of hours logged coaching disciples as well as have coached full time ministry staff and elders.


All that to say, I have an intense fascination with leadership training and coaching disciples to win their race and run it as healthily and as strong as possible.


The workshops combine many of the disciplines listed above and are for the most part, very experiential. They are ‘working’ workshops and disciples walk out of the building with a plan in their hand that they have devised with the confidence that it is doable.  They will leave refreshed, light-hearted, and enlightened - ready for action!

"Dave Mitchell has years of experience as an evangelist, deacon, HOPE Worldwide chapter leader, and now life coach. He also had a successful career in the corporate world.  This background makes him uniquely qualified to understand and motivate with warmth and relatability.  His own determination to be always learning and growing is infectious.  He brings to his presentations passion and promise. He is making the difference in the lives of many."

– Larry Craig, Elder, New York City Church of Christ

Larry Craig Portrait

Dave Mitchell was invited down to lead our annual meeting of lay leaders at the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ. Throughout the years, we have had brilliant minds and speakers address our hard-working leaders. Dave ranked in the top three in meeting their needs, speaking their language and helping them obtain vision. He did all this while giving them practical skills and tools to use in their lives. Dave was fun, engaging and left each of us filled up. The room was full of energy and the energy never died down. After his teaching, the leaders were able to take the tools he used in guiding them and used them in their groups, homes, families, and relationships. It was impressive that his impact was felt long after he left our church. We are grateful for Dave and cannot wait to have him back again. Thank you, Dave Mitchell!

– Sajjan Sharma, LCSW, Evangelist/Elder for the PVCC

Sajjan Sharma Portrait
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