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When I speak to really successful, accomplished people about the level of joy in their life, oftentimes they seem frustrated because they did not experience the long-term joy and satisfaction they thought they would after sacrificing so much to achieve their dream life/job.


They can feel upset because on a day-to-day basis because they are unable to find joy in their journey. Often they feel disappointed that life has not turned out the way they had planned and find it very hard to be ‘positive’ or face the current place where they are with joy.


They also can feel worried because the clock keeps ticking and anxiety can be the result instead of joy when things are tough in their life.

Dave Mitchell Coaching

Why Dave Mitchell Coaching?

The Joyful Life Coaching program is designed to enlighten clients so they can gain clarity and consciousness about what is really going on in their lives. Once they can see more clearly, we equip them to engage at work and at home the way they’ve always wanted to. The more they engage the more empowered they become, not only within themselves, but they also start helping others grow.

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I had been searching for someone who would commit to coaching me without judging my character — and that was Dave. These past 3 months with Dave have changed my life. I think differently, I’m happier, I’m not judging, I’m disciplined, I’m taking responsibility, I’m not surrendering to limiting beliefs, and most importantly, I’m past the hurdles that have crippled my life. I’m not bound by what was done to me anymore and I’m not wasting time. I’m taking my dreams into my hands. Today I finished my screenplay and I’m moving onto pre-production. That was a pipe dream 4 months ago because I COULD NOT just sit and write. Got a dream? You can’t put a price on what Dave will help you do.”

Ultimately our clients become a better leader themselves and help to lead others to true success and breakthroughs.

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• John Maxwell Certified Coach, Leadership Trainer, Keynote Speaker
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