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What's the number one thing that everyone wants? Can you answer that? What everyone really desires? I believe the answer is MORE! More passion, happiness, energy, meaning. Everyone wants more of the GOOD things life has to offer, right? Well to get more, you need to activate your full potential. My name is Dave Mitchell and I'm a Certified High Performance Coach. If you're ready to perform at your highest level, I want to help you. To apply and see if you qualify, click the link below to fill out my questionnaire. Once I review your application and determine you're a good fit, I'll reach out to you for a free one on one strategy session. Let's make this your best year yet!

From Vision to Victory

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- Meet Dave

I help people get rid of the junk that stands between them and their best selves. I work with introverts to help them develop tools for connecting with the world like they never thought possible. I work with extraverts to help them temper their energy into meaningful, productive, and creative work that they can be proud of. I take a holistic approach to coaching and believe that progress through innovation will lead to the massive breakthroughs my clients are looking for.





I am guessing that you truly want to do GREAT things. You want to have a high quality of life where you have all the energy you need to connect with others and make the contribution you are here to make.  

If that is you, I am guessing that you also have days where, quite frankly, you DON’T feel like that. Many times (more than most would like to admit) we have settled for mediocrity, comfort and the familiar.


But NONE of us were meant to live that way!

If you feel like this could you, it is a good time to consider having a one on one coach. 

My Group Coaching Programs are made up of disciples who own or run a business and are devoted to helping the group and themselves to:

1.  Live a Life Fueled by Christ's Love
2.  Live a Life Faithful To Your Family
3.  Live a Life Flourishing in Business 

4.  Live a Life Focused in on your Health 

Candidates for the Ironman Team (for men) or the Magdalene Team (for women) include disciples who own or run a business that desire to walk with God more powerfully than ever, have friends (who also run businesses) to rely on, and to soar spiritually ~ building and leaving a legacy of faith in your life, family and business!

You have the GIFT of Leadership and you LOVE God. You know that your mission is the mightiest of missions that exist in the world - to know God and make him known. It is the most exciting life there is to be lived.


But, there are days, when it is hard. Times of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. Times where you feel the attacks of Satan on you and your ministry. 


Confidentiality is tricky… Who can you talk to?


And who is really challenging you, calling you higher weekly, that knows all that is going on? 


Coaching is having camaraderie, someone objective in your life who calls you out and helps pick you up and move you forward. 

Elders, Evangelists, Deacons, Worship Team Leaders, and small group leaders are ALL mighty servants; many for decades. 


However, living out these roles wholeheartedly can be tough. 


Why? Because leaders CARE about people. And the people under their leadership can struggle (and so can the leader of course). 


Over the last 5 years, I have been on a mission to discover and become certified in leadership principles and practices that the highest performers implement.


The workshops combine many of the disciplines I've learned about and are for the most part, very experiential. They are ‘working’ workshops and disciples walk out of the building with a plan in their hand that they have devised with the confidence that it is doable.  They will leave refreshed, light-hearted and enlightened - ready for action!



Tom Nulle

Lead Evangelist at Madison Church of Christ

“In 3 months I have been able to overcome troubling attitudes about myself, authority, and my work which I have carried for 20 plus years” 

Dan Kennedy

Founder at Orion Studios LLC and Kennedy Test Prep

“I think differently. I'm happier, taking responsibility, not surrendering to limiting beliefs or judging, and most importantly, I'm past the hurdles that have crippled my life”

Jim Hwang 

Demand Planning Manager at Bayer HealthCare

“I felt like Dave untied the rope that had held me back most of my life”

Jay Minor 

Lead Evangelist at Turning Point LA Christian Church

“I highly recommend Dave's coaching to anyone trying to find healthier ways of dealing with life and work”

Terri Loso 

National Director, US Chapters at HOPE Worldwide

"We invited Dave in to do a leadership workshop with 130 of our service leaders from around the US, Australia and Canada. This was a group with various levels of leadership skills and experience, and Dave did a phenomenal job"

Philip Walters 

Personal Business Owner 

“Being coached by Dave has changed my life and my outlook on life dramatically. I can truly say that I feel that I do things with a purpose now without loosing out on my core values”

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I help people get rid of the junk that stands between them and their best selves. I take a holistic approach to coaching and believe that progress through innovation will lead to the massive breakthroughs my clients are looking for.
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