The Joyful Life Coaching program is designed to enlighten clients so they can gain clarity and consciousness about what is really going on in their lives. Once they can see more clearly, we equip them to engage at work and at home the way they've always wanted to.
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Coaching Program

The Joyful Life Coaching Program is designed with one simple goal:

To catapult its members to new, never before achieved, increased and consistent levels of joy.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Elevate your consciousness, learn about and apply the concepts in Energy Leadership, and increase your awareness.  This will result in clarity so that you will be able to have more choices available to you in any given situation.


You will be able to step in and engage in your relationships, at work as well as fitness and health. We’ll help you to ‘shift’ to the energy level that serves you the best. Through the power of choice, you will experience great victories, peace and become a better leader.


Once engaged, you will now feel empowered and be ready to empower others. You will learn to defeat procrastination in your life, set and hit clear, simple and written out goals. The result will be greater confidence, hope and living in the ‘NOW’.

Over the course of 3 months, I want to train you to have a more intentional, fulfilling and joyful life. Let’s have a conversation and figure out how you can start experiencing the joyful life you’ve always wanted.