The Joyful Life Coaching program is designed to enlighten clients so they can gain clarity and consciousness about what is really going on in their lives. Once they can see more clearly, we equip them to engage at work and at home the way they've always wanted to.
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True joy is when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her.” ~ Zig Ziglar


Dave Mitchell Coaching is all about inspiring, encouraging, and guiding others to a life of joy, peace, excitement, and growth. Dave has delivered keynotes throughout the US and Central America. He has also spoken at Christian Professional Conferences, HOPE worldwide events, and Church services all throughout the New York City Area. Whether it is a keynote, lunch and learn or an all-day conference – Dave’s passion, belief, and conviction is that anyone and everyone, regardless of circumstance, can truly live out the joyful life. Attendees walk away enlightened, engaged and empowered.

"We invited Dave in to do a leadership workshop with 130 of our service leaders from around the US, Australia and Canada. This was a group with various levels of leadership skills and experience, and Dave did a phenomenal job. His presentation was very interactive and lively, and it kept the enthusiastic attention of the group throughout. His training points were excellent – he was able to communicate important aspects of leadership and made them understandable and applicable to the very diverse crowd… Our participants are already implementing what they learned during the workshop. Dave has also provided some excellent coaching to me, which has greatly impacted my approach to leadership and strategy. I cannot recommend Dave highly enough, and we will definitely be bringing him back for more."


- Terri Loso, National Director, US Chapters at HOPE worldwide